Monday, April 5, 2010

Means so Much

Tomorrow is the second day of 'Dollars for Diabetes' and I am pretty excited about it. I really enjoy meeting different people in the halls of Fanshawe that have some connection to diabetes, whether it is their brother/sister or even themselves living with type 1 diabetes.

Last Tuesday we collected $64.00 which is outstanding! Any change makes a difference whether it's a penny, quarter or a five dollar bill. What's more important to me is being able to teach people what JDRF is and what they do, as well as giving them the link to my blog.

I know that some will just lose or throw out the card but I also know that, that card can potentially make a difference to someone out there. The more people are aware of my blog the better chance there is of helping someone which is my goal.

I will update everyone about how the Dollars for Diabetes table goes. Once again I thank Justine Peltz for taking the time to help me with this table. It means so much to me.


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