Friday, April 9, 2010


As soon as I was diagnosed everyone told me to drink a lot of water. I do drink about a bottle of water a day but I knew that, that was not enough. I never really could get into the whole 2L of water a day in order to be 'healthy' and even when I tried I found myself falling off the track and drinking diet coke.

I decided to try and get back on the wagon again and so far the past three days have gone pretty well and I have almost stopped drinking diet coke. I drink 2L of water a day plus maybe a glass of milk or a large tea from Tim Hortons. The down side is the numerous visits to the bathroom but I have already noticed so many benefits from drinking all this water!

The first day I did this my sugar was amazing the entire day not going over 7! Yesterday I noticed that my eyes felt so much better! Hopefully I can keep up with drinking all this water because it is definitely going to make a difference.


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