Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Perfect Times

I have come to believe that people enter and leave our lives at perfect times. At first, they may not seem perfect but when we step back we begin to realize just how perfect of timing it truly is. Clinton and I have talked about how it is unfair when friendships end or when bad things happen to good people. I have had nights where I think of all the things I have done that could have made deserve getting diabetes.

There never will be an answer to why bad things happen to good people, but there definitely is different perspectives on it besides giving up and saying, "life just is not fair!" We are all put through little trials in our life that test our strength and abilities. Those who pull through whether the outcome is a success or not are fighters and those who give up are simply uninspired.

It would be incredibly easy for me to not be inspired. I wouldn't have to take time to write, volunteer or even speak about my diabetes. In the end I'd still have diabetes but I truly don't believe I would be as healthy as I am today. I could give up by not taking my insulin, nor checking my sugar; that would be easy but that would be a sign of weakness.

Rather than giving up I am fighting. By fighting I don't mean for my life ( I guess I could mean it that way) but I am doing just fine. I am fighting to make change in the diabetes community. Unfortunately I didn't have even a pinch of inspiration to live off of, but luckily now I have a whole handful.

What has brought me such luck is the people around me. Although at times I know they think I am crazy and have taken diabetes and ran with it, but deep down I know these people truly know what I am up too. To make things clear I am not using diabetes as a crutch. I don't do this for people to feel bad for me. I don't ask for pity parties or one on one care because 'I am special.'

My goal isn't too overwhelm the general public about diabetes. It's not my mission to annoy people about what type 1 diabetes is because I know that type 1 diabetes doesn't matter to a lot of people but I know that there are people out there that diabetes is a big part of their life.

You are probably wondering what all this has to do with people coming in and out of one's life at perfect times and frankly I may have gone off on a tangent. But this all really does connect in the way that the people around you are there for a reason even though you may not realize it at first. They are in your life to help you along the way and inspire you. They are put there because they understand you and can make sense when you have no sense at all. When we change as people, which I can clearly be a spokeswoman for changing as a person everything around us kind of changes too. Some people leave our lives that we know may not have been able to change with us while others change and adapt along our side.


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