Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Easter Hop

As everyone knows Easter is filled with massive amounts of food. Not only do we pile it on our plates but we even go on a hunt for it and fill baskets. Unfortunately for diabetics Easter can be one big mess of insulin injections and blood checking.

I can only imagine what it is like for a child that is diabetic. I have so much respect for children with type 1 and their parents because kids are all about candy, chocolate and food. For me, it is a little easier because I am older and can understand the whole concept of eating only so much.

Unfortunately it's incredibly hard when on insulin injections to figure out how you're going to plan out your food. Food is constantly being passed around from appetizers to dinner to dessert to more snacks. It truly doesn't stop and neither does diabetes.

I have had a crazy weekend of highs because I have been bombarded by food choices! I could have said no but it's once a year! Today I could definitely see why a pump would make an excellent companion. My needles and I saw each other way to much this weekend!

Overall Easter went well, and slowly but surely I am letting people know that diabetic chocolate/sugar free chocolate is not for me!


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