Friday, April 23, 2010

Diabetes & I

Diabetes and I have a very interesting relationship. Unlike any other relationship I have had, diabetes and I are never apart. We don't go our own way at the end of the day or hang out every once in awhile; diabetes likes to stick around.

It is probably strange that I am referring to my illness in this manner when in reality it is just a disease. But I never classify myself as just a diabetic because I am much more than that. For all people, diabetes probably means different things to them. No one really thinks of diabetes as it is defined because that aspect of it is only a part of the disease.

I wonder how children would define diabetes? I doubt they would throw out the words bolus or basal, pancreas or auto immune. I rarely think about that facet of diabetes because diabetes will never change. Every diabetic in the world knows what diabetes effects and what they have to do in order to maintain it, but what's special about diabetes is that beyond all the medical terms; diabetes is much more.

To me diabetes is: new found friendships, outstanding support systems, unbelievable experiences, an emotional roller coaster, an inspiration after the next, a path to maturity, and a story to tell.

Diabetes and I have come along way since March 13th 2009. Not only have we come to know each other but there has been many benefits to our new found friendship. Although at times my friend diabetes becomes my worst enemy; we find a healthy and happy path to continue on.


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