Friday, August 7, 2009

Why You Not Eat at Daycare Kayla?

Just this past February I started a job at a daycare only two minutes from my house. I had never worked at a daycare before but jumped at the opportunity knowing that I had a passion for working with children and wanted to be a teacher. The job was great, I didn't get a lot of hours at first but I really enjoyed the time I spent there.

I am considered a supply teacher. I take the shifts that people book off or call in sick. This summer I've received almost full time working as a supply. With only a few days off I have managed to learn a lot from the experience and really build an understanding of working with children. There is a great schedule there that I really enjoyed because we got a snack and we were fed lunch. This changed though as a I became a diabetic, it was a little harder to sit around a table of hungry mouths knowing that I wasn't going to get anything.

I find that if I stick to a routine I am more successful in blood sugars and overall health. I feel better if I eat a healthy lunch and therefore feel miserable if I know I cheated. Working at the daycare it would be incredibly easy to cheat. With a kitchen stocked full of food, it's hard to resist snacking like many other teachers do.

This past week I worked 6:30-3:30. I helped out at morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack. I have become used to not eating their food. Although I am always offered something I know that it's not best to step out of routine. I've learned that my blood sugars are more important to me then having a scoop of mash potatoes. However the kids just don't understand why I'm the only teacher not eating with them.

"Why you not eat at daycare Kayla?" a three year old asked.

"I eat at home," I replied with a smile.

"Does your mommy make you food?" she asked.

"Nope, I do it all by myself!"

"But why you not eat at daycare Kayla?" she grinned.

I know that I'm not going to go about explaining diabetes to a three year old. I just find it interesting how observant young children are. She realizes that I am the only one not eating and questions how come. I am assuming she thinks I live at the daycare since I can remember thinking teachers lived in schools, and when could I possibly eat if I'm not eating with them?

I think that not breaking my routine is going to be the best path for me. I can always be a little risky and sneak a cookie or ice cream cone but I just have to be aware of my sugars. But at least I know that someones looking out for me at daycare, she just happens to be three.


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