Monday, August 17, 2009

Odd Bad Day

When bad luck creeps on you it's hard to forget. It's one of those things that make you think, "why me?" but you have to keep positive in order to get through the day. Today, driving to my D.E.C I was pulled over for speeding. I have never gotten a speeding ticket before but as soon as I turned nineteen I was sure to get one.

I never speed, I am actually pretty cautious when I drive and more so tell my mom to slow down than myself. I woke up in a great mood, today I was going to see my nurses and I brought two thank you cards and my scrapbook to share with everyone since it would be my last appointment before school. As I pulled away only 5 minutes later I was pulled over. I realize that speeding is wrong and illegal but I couldn't help but kick myself for doing it. The cop reassured me, "Don't cry everyone gets a ticket," but that didn't stop the shakes and tears.

I actually thought about my sugar as he took my licence back to his car. I had never shook that much in my entire life, my foot was still on the brake peddle and it was racing. I knew that I don't do well under pressure or stress, something like this could plummet my sugar.

A new start of the year and I get a ticket. I can only hope that that was the worst that was to come for my 19th year and if not I guess I am going to have to take what comes and deal with it which I have been doing for the past year now. I talked to my grandma on the phone and I explained to her that I have to be careful with how much I worry and stress because it seriously affects my sugar. I hope that diabetes doesn't alter my driving because I would not like to lose my licence because of this disease.

I can't think that I have bad luck because that will only bring more bad luck and when I think of all the good things in life that have happened I can only smile and think the odd bad day isn't really that bad. We all need stories to share anyways!


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