Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I never thought I would turn nineteen so fast. It seems like just yesterday I was in elementary school rolled up in drama, or in high school pushing hard to do well in math but now here I am nineteen years old and going off to college.

I like to think that with each year we are faced with new challenges and obstacles that create who we are. I believe that through experience, fails and successes we become who we are. It's up to us to create the person we are for the rest of your life, it is all in how you interrupt whats given to you.

Yes I have fought hard, felt miserable, and upset but I have some how made it here today feeling the best I have ever felt. I still can smile and think well that sucked! At the time when something happens we forget that there are so many more years ahead of us.

I will never forget my eighteenth year. I will always say, "I was diagnosed at age eighteen." I wanted to give diabetes a run for it's money. Show not only diabetes but everyone living out there with it that you are going to have to push the limits and go out there and try things that you only dreamed of doing.

On my ninetieth birthday I thought about what's to come. I wanted to meet new faces this year, ( unfortunately the first new face with a cop!) I wanted to learn something new, become stronger and a better person. I promised myself that no one and nothing is going to keep me from catching my dream and making it real.

I went out for my first legal drink with the girls on Monday. It was something I was looking forward too since I love spending time with them. We went to Boston Pizza and I had two fancy drinks. I realize that these drinks are fruity but with keeping in mind vodka will lower my blood sugar I enjoyed the moment and checked my sugar three times during the night. I was happy to realize that drinking the cute, fruity, 7 dollar drinks is possible but I am sure my wallet would be emptied fast if I did that often.

I am proud to say that so far although tough and annoying some things that I thought were going to be impossible have been successful. I never dreamed I would have done the things I have done in the past five months and that I would still be smiling.


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