Saturday, August 29, 2009

That's Mine!

Isn't it funny how the sugar free gum that is in my purse is more interesting than your regular mint gum that is on the counter? Or the no sugar added oatmeal cookies are your first choice instead of the double chocolate chip cookies in the cupboard. I have to laugh sometimes when things that I would give anything to trade for a real cookie seems to be the more popular choice for those who could eat anything.

It all started when I had a piece of sugar free gum that my cousin Katie had given me. Clinton looked at it and said, "Can I have a piece?" knowing that I had another pack on the table of regular gum I popped out a piece for him but he insisted he wanted to try my gum instead. I couldn't believe it! He could eat ten pieces of Hubba Bubba, chew five Excel Mint Pieces but he rather try my sugar free gum.

I find this with a lot of things that I get for me. I find my dad eating my No Sugar Added Skinny Cow Popsicle's rather than the Flakies he normally eats. It's as if my food seems more appetizing than the food they are eating. To me, I rather steal a flakie for myself or eat ten pieces of Hubba Bubba gum but that just isn't always an option for me unlike some people.

I don't think that I am complaining about this I just find it one of those things that I would have never thought possible. Like when my mom asked if she could eat some of my sugar free chocolate from Easter so she wouldn't have to take a chocolate bunny to work. It's the fact that I'm limited to things that are sugar free and yet I am never the one to finish the last bite, piece or slice it's someone else who could be enjoying something a little tastier.

I think one day I will surprise them all by eating the last piece of pie and see how they like it when someone takes their food! ( Of course I'll take insulin before this event.)


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