Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One Diet Coke Please

Italian restaurants seem to be my worst nightmare. A building filled with carbs upon carbs waiting to raise my sugar up to 1000. I realize that with insulin injections I can clearly eat as much pasta as I want, but in the end, I rather not.

I always enjoyed fettuccine Alfredo. It was what I ordered even when I wasn't eating at an Italian restaurant. The creamy sauce with noodles was to die for. Now when I see a large steaming bowl of pasta I begin to calculate. Numbers flood my head and I convert carbs to insulin ratios. I don't eat out much anymore, and if I do, East Side Mario's, Olive Garden or Boston Pizza are exactly on my top ten list of places to go. Unfortunately when it's not my decision I could very well find myself in one of those restaurants.

We celebrated one of my best friends birthdays tonight. Before inviting me she let me know that we would be going to East Sides at 6:00 p.m. First off, Italian food, second, 6:00 p.m. This week I am working 6:30 - 3:30 p.m so my schedule to start with is a little mixed up. Around 4:30 all I want is supper and my sugar is begging to be raised. I knew that waiting till 6:00 just wasn't going to be the best idea and I also knew that this would be a good way to not have to deal with eating pasta. I still wanted to be there though. Like I say, diabetes isn't going to hold me back. I want to make aware that I can very well eat this pasta, and waiting till six could be possible as well but this was my decision based on how I felt.

I'll admit sitting there watching people eat isn't exactly normal but I've done it before. With good conversation flowing around the table you really don't notice as much. The thing that really hit me was the constant flow of fresh bread brought to the table. I really don't know many carbs are exactly in it, but sure did it smell good. I managed to have a piece while sipping on the diet Coke I ordered. It wasn't a horrible experience like I built it up to me. Italian restaurants aren't that scary but I still would feel more comfortable in a Swiss Chalet.

I know nothing is out of the limit. I can eat whatever I choose to eat, but in the end I have to be aware of the effects that proper diet has on my body. I had a great time, and although diabetes became a topic around the table it didn't bother me one bit!


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