Monday, August 3, 2009

Pancreas Full of Love

I'm trying to touch the world. With every note I write, I hope that I am reaching out. The words, sentences, phrases that I put down come from my heart. These notes are not fake, I don't turn reality into fantasy, this is my life. This is the life of a diabetic. Children, teens, adults and seniors are going through these feelings that I express each and every day. These notes are real.

I can't express how much being a diabetic has changed my outlook on life. I see everything in a whole new light. I take every day as if it was my last, thinking of how precious each moment truly is. I pay attention to detail. Some notice it in the pictures I take, Clinton said, "I love going for walks with you, you take something so simple and point out it's beauty." I don't miss a moment, turn down an opportunity or hide who I truly am. This life is a one shot deal, we are all served different plates but we take what we are given and make it something special.

Sometimes I wonder why this disease was given to be so much later in my life compared to most type ones. I don't know why diabetes waited to find me for almost nineteen years but I do know that I am going to make the best of it. I am over feeling like I am alone. I know that there are thousands upon thousands of people just like me. I realize that this disease has been around long before I have but I am not going to let that stop me from dreaming of a cure.

Can you imagine the day we cure Juvenile Diabetes? What would the world do? I know that millions of people wouldn't notice, that they may read it in the newspapers and think, "that's great!" only to recycle the paper and move on to the next days. But think, how many children, teens and adults would feel. The thought of no finger poking, no needles, and no carb counting would be a dream come true. A morning where you get up and eat a pop tart and not even think about what your sugar could be at.

I realize there are many diseases out there that need cures. I know that there are people out there living with illnesses that no one really recognizes or know about but you have to believe. No one is alone in this world. We have to support our peers. I don't know every type 1 but I am not closing the door on anyone. I want my notes to reach far beyond my travels. I want that eighteen year old girl sitting in her hospital bed to know that it's going to be okay because I was that girl only five months ago.

I have open arms, an open heart and a pancreas full of love ( since my insulin got kicked out. ) I am willing to take the time and effort to promote this. We may not be at a cure yet but can this blog have a part in the healing process for many of us living with juvenile diabetes. I think so.


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