Thursday, August 6, 2009

Eye Don't Know ?

I was told that diabetes was going to effect my eyes, along with many other things, I became pretty nervous. I already went to the eye doctor's once a year but I just wasn't sure how much extra attention I needed to focus on my eyes.

Before being diagnosed my eyes were horrible. They were irritated and I could barely go a few hours without having to take out my contacts. I couldn't stand the pain and I hated wearing my glasses if my contacts weren't comfortable. I just couldn't win. However I wasn't too worried it seemed. I mentioned it a couple times to my mom, and just made sure I brought my glasses everywhere I went. It wasn't until I found out the eyes are effected by high blood sugars, that the pain, irritation and poor sight was all because of my out of control blood glucose.

Since being diagnosed in March I have visited the eye doctor two times. The first visit the eye doctors was scary but this one, today, was a little scarier. Two weeks ago I made the appointment. I had been having troubles with my eyes and I really noticed it as I went to check the time at work and could barely see the hands. After that week, my eyes were fine, not perfect but not too bad. I didn't want to cancel the appointment so I went there today with an open mind.

I was sitting in the chair trying to read, e z o p t g and I just couldn't see it. I tried as hard as I could only to see a blur of white. I said to the doctor, "can people normally read this?" he replied with, "some, but don't worry you've already passed the 20/20 ( with wearing contacts.) "

For some odd reason I always think the worst, I'm going blind, I have some disease in my eyes, my vision is decreasing. I couldn't help but think what next? Luckily my eyes have no signs of being unhealthy. Despite bumping up my prescription by a tad, my doctor thought that I would be fine. He explained to me that with high sugars come bad vision, irritated eyes and dryness. The best way to control my sight is through regular blood sugar and sticking with diet.

It's frustrating. It seems I try so hard not to eat bad foods, eat on time, check regularly and give insulin accordingly only to fail. I've learned that no matter how hard you try to keep yourself normal there are always going to be factors that you can not control. For example, stress, change of routine and sickness. It's not always going to be in our hands but we have to have the best control of what we can handle.

My eye sight is so important, I am sure everyone agrees with me. I couldn't imagine not seeing the green grass, blue skies or scrapbook pages. With all my effort I put into diabetes I will make sure that I give 100% when it comes down to protecting my eyes and being aware of changes.


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