Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to School

So, I feel like I totally abandoned the blog for a good chunk of time, and honestly with school starting and everything else picking up unfortunately at times it just did not cross my mind. However, I know for most September is like January - a new start and things start to get busy for everyone, especially those going back to school!

For me, I start tomorrow and I am looking forward to it even though I have just one 1 hour class.  It will be nice to get into the strange routine of school and start things off with new notebooks and pens...ah the best part about going back is all the new supplies.  However, I am not looking forward to all the essay writing that will take place this year; however, that is what I get for getting into English after all!

Another good thing about school starting is that I can meet up with the diabetics I have met in London. Last year we met up a few times including a end of year BBQ and it was such a great turn out each time we organized an event.   Also, this year I am the President of the Western Diabetes Association and I am really looking forward to clubs week and meeting all the wonderful people that will be interested in the club.  I am hoping to connect with more type 1s along the way as well!

Now that it is a new (school) year, I am going to try hard to get back to blogging. I know that this blog has followed me along my journey and as far as I know my journey isn't over - even though we are all crossing our fingers for a cure!  So, here is to a great school year for everyone heading back whether that is back to high school or University/College! Let's hope for less lows and highs and good grades!


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  1. I know school can make everything else crazy. Have fun this semester! I hated essays as well. How in the world do you write a 10 page paper on anything without filling it with hot air?!