Wednesday, September 19, 2012

In Review

It's truly been a year of opportunities for me, and whether I want to think of it as a lucky year or just a year that I worked extra hard - either way I am appreciating everything that I have been given in this last year. With the smell of fall in the air and the breeze getting cooler than ever - I feel like the chaos of the first couple weeks of school is slowly starting to slow down, so that I can actually think a little clearer about what the year has given me.

Starting my third year of University is something that still seems unbelievable to me.  I never truly thought that I was ever smart enough to go to University - but then again when you think about grade 12 when you're in grade 9 that seems impossible as well.  It wasn't until I became confident with myself that I realized that I am capable of achieving what I dream of.  Of course, I am not dreaming of being a mathematic genius - so that is my excuse of why I am horrible at math!   I guess after going to Fanshawe I realized that I do have skills that can be applied in so many different ways and as much as I am going to give Fanshawe a lot of the credit, I am also giving my diabetes credit for giving me that confidence in learning about myself, believing in myself and pushing myself through tough situations.

This year as many people know, I am the president of the Western Diabetes Association.  At first, I was just excited that I was going to be able to meet so many amazing people in the University community, but as time has went by and I have been planning for the year to come, I realized just how excited I am to make change and to really help.  Over the past couple years I have really engaged in volunteer and even though we all live such busy lives - it's unbelievable how rewarding volunteering can be.

It was day three of clubs week today and I have met a lot of new people at the booth and have learned a lot about people in general with no relation to my club at all. You see, there are so many people with so many different interests. Just looking around at clubs week I almost wish I was part of all of these communities in some way, so that I would know just what they are about - of course, I am sure I would be misplaced in say, a Caribbean Club (although, I do love to travel there...) I am just amazing at the networks these students have built together.

It makes sense why type 1 diabetics love to gather together.  Just like the juggling society likes to meet because they share the same interests, exchange tips, encourage each other - it just isn't any different from why type 1's get together - plus some may argue that we are pretty good at juggling things in our lives, blood sugars, social lives, education - to name a few!

I guess this blog post isn't very direct - I just had a few moments this past while thinking about what has been happening around me and what I have done to get where I am today.


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