Monday, September 10, 2012

Certain Situations...

In certain situations being diabetic is absolutely annoying. Having to think about carb counting at a place like, say the FAIR, is ridiculous. It is hard to even imagine what they put into half the foods they fry and let alone how much extra sugar is tossed into elephant ears.  The same goes for those that are gluten free or have a food allergy, sometimes managing your life around a food related issue or disease can be difficult.

I go to my new endocrinologist in London on Wednesday and I am dreading to know what my a1c is up too.   I mean, I don't believe it fluctuated too much, but this past few weeks of blood sugars do not look good on paper.  I have either been high or low and finding that awesome blood sugar somewhere between lowville and highville has not been located.   I have come to realize that although oatmeal for breakfast fills me up - which is good for a long morning class - my blood sugars cannot seem to handle it despite how much insulin I give myself.

It's a shame that I have to meet the doctor on a bad blood sugar note, but hopefully she will understand that with school starting, schedules changing, and the fair being in town - crazy blood sugars are bound to happen.   This struggle is common to diabetics I can only assume.  Having certain situations totally make diabetes a headache and a half.  There are times in my life when unfortunately diabetes is the last thing I am thinking about, running around, getting things done, before I know it I am lying in bed and realize I have barely checked my blood sugar.

It's like any one with diabetes or not, life sometimes starts going full speed ahead and before you know it, you have forgotten to feed the dog, water the grass and you've left your house keys in the front door. It's not just diabetics being careless, it's life being hectic - those situations that need your full attention.

It's too bad there isn't a pause button for diabetes - when you can just let it wait for a minute like it makes you.


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