Sunday, September 9, 2012


There are moments where I realize that I am completely unprepared. Moments where I think, wow, if I ran out of insulin right now what would I do? or if my site rips out how far would I have to go to get a new one?  It seems that when you're prepared nothing goes wrong, but the day you don't pack an extra site that is the day the freak accident happens and your site gets ripped out.

I really try hard to think about those emergency situations when packing.  I feel like I pack often going to Vince's place or going to Brantford - and as much as I want to remember to pack every little emergency thing I often forget.   My new method is to just leave sites in bags - in my purse, backpack and 'sleepover' bag.  That way if anything happens I can be sure that I will have an extra one kicking around.  However, another tricky thing is insulin - I even said to Vince I was thinking of putting a vial in his mini fridge just in case - considering I did run out of insulin one time and went without insulin for a few hours (and my highest was 8 - amazingly.)

It's hard to remember to bring everything - my only thought about it is is to create three little kits to put in those three prime bags of mine.  I would need to put some batteries in there, a site, a reservoir and I guess I could then write a sticky note to remember to bring insulin - since I am not going to let a vial just chill in a bag for who knows how long! I could also include snacks in this little kit I suppose.

That's another thing I tend to forget - snacks!   I think it is because I don't go low often - but I do forget to bring snacks with me a lot or dex tabs.  The truth is, I am usually somewhere that has something even if I have to buy it.  I did however, think the other day when I was at school - I didn't have any money on me nor snacks and wondered what I would do if I went low. I then thought, I would probably just walk up to someone - I know I've 'borrowed' an apple or two in a lecture once or twice.


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