Thursday, August 30, 2012

Less There

It's always interesting to me to see when the 'I have diabetes...' conversation comes up.  When I meet someone knew I always find it a little bit of a relief that they don't know I have diabetes.  Not that having diabetes is a bad thing, but my life revolves around the big D word and sometimes - like I've mentioned before it's nice to displace myself from that label.    I was thinking about this a couple weeks ago when my friend (who knows I have diabetes) introduced me to one of her friends.  We sat around had a couple drinks, the three of  us and being 'diabetic' was not on my mind.  

It wasn't until my friend mentioned that I write a blog and I had to respond with it's about diabetes... which if you're not diabetic and not a medical professional (which at my age is assumed) it seems off that a random person would write about diabetes - so there it went. I went from the average healthy Joe to Kayla the Diabetic in a matter of seconds.  As if I took off a mask and became someone else.

I realized though that sharing that side of you isn't a bad thing. I mean, I know that everyone I have encountered has been O.K about my diabetes, but diabetes can really be a conversation piece more than anything. I also feel like because I have taken diabetes and really transformed it into something 'interesting' per say - my diabetes story is a decent tale.

It's funny  how diabetes is a disease that comes with constant reminders, yet sometimes if you're around no one that knows it seems less there...  



  1. I believe you meant per se. Also, this is somewhat subjective but I believe you are misusing the term. Your diabetes would be interesting no matter what don’t you think?

  2. Would you be willing to clarify some things did you have ketones or were you in DKA at diagnosis? Have you ever had antibody testing or C-Peptide testing? Have you ever had ketones post diagnoses? I say this honestly, if I had an atypical diagnosis scenario I wouldn’t be comfortable for 1 minute being treated in Brantford. Why would you choose to be treated their when you live near a teaching hospital for school and your original home is so close to Mac ? Why would you want to be treated by a doctor who is not an endocrinologist?