Friday, May 18, 2012

You Know, I Know

Vince & I in Dominican!
One of my biggest supporters - He knows!
No one will ever understand what it is like to live as a diabetic until they are diagnosed - just like anything else in the world, it's really hard to put yourself in someone else's shoes, even if you're the most empathic person out there.  The thing about diabetes; however, is that there are a bunch of misconceptions, but saying that, how many stereotypes do we use on a daily basis about things we are ignorant towards?  As much as we try to avoid labelling - it just happens.

Today's topic is to talk about something we as diabetics wish that people without diabetes knew.  Well, first of all, if we are talking about the general public my answer would be different compared to the people that I love and are close to me.   For the general public, I wish they knew that diabetes isn't something that we can grow out of, it makes me really sad when people state, "it will go away right? like, it's not forever..."  it makes me sad because I know that I have to sadly reply with, "yes, it's forever..."   I don't blame anyone for being ignorant towards diabetes because I was before I was diagnosed only three years ago.  Truth is, before I was diagnosed in grade twelve we had a practice project not worth marks, that was on diabetes and I decided not to do it... it was in math and if it wasn't for marks, I didn't find much point in doing it.   I didn't care at that point to learn about diabetes stats.

For the people that I love and that I am close to, my answer is very different because it is more of an apology than a lesson on diabetes.  I would want them to know and I hope they DO know this - but, when my blood sugars are crazy and my mood strikes - I hope you know that that is diabetes talking. Unfortunately, diabetes has more power than anyone can imagine, it determines when you want to go for a run, if you are going to have a good night sleep and of course if you're going to get moody.

As much as we don't want diabetes to be the focus of our lives, it just so happens it sneaks its way into life's occasions.  We live with type 1 diabetes every single day, every hour and every second, but at the same time the people around us do too.  Of course non diabetics will never truly know what it is like to check their blood sugars daily, take insulin, give themselves needles or have to get up and grab snacks, but they will learn quick for you and we can only give them the biggest smiles and hugs for all that they do.


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