Monday, May 28, 2012

Create It

"If it's not there create it" and that's exactly what I did and will continue to do. Of course, we could always wait around for something to happen, someone to think about the idea that crossed your mind years ago; however, why are we waiting?  Often I will get emails of type 1's wishing that there was a club like that one I started in their area and my first response is, "Well create it then!"

Sometimes you have to take that chance and know that it is O.K if it doesn't work out. If you plan an event and end up with a poor outcome - that's O.K at least you tried.  Being a leader in this world isn't hard even if you're are shy because if you are dedicated and motivated, you truly can accomplish anything.

One of my friends was laughing at all the type 1 groups I had started on Facebook, she asked why I don't just create one big one.  However, the reason I didn't create one big one, is because I am not looking to collect all the diabetics on Facebook - it's not that simple of an idea.  I wanted to make light of diabetes and make people laugh so I created the type 1 diabetes meme page, I wanted type 1's to be able to connect via snail mail, so I created the pen pal system and I also wanted to showcase what type 1's were doing all around the world, so I created the Faces page.  Yes, it would have been easier to create one page full of type 1's but that wasn't my dream - there was a need for these pages (even if the type 1 community didn't know it until I created it) and that is what I created because it just wasn't there.

Anyone can make a change or start something new. There is no reason to sit and wait for the next person to take action, one small move from someone can make a huge difference as long as you have the courage to push it forward. For example, Emma, who dreams of a type 1 Barbie doll. I recall some people making judgements on the page thinking it was an impossible dream and that Mattel would never pick it up, but who knows, keep dreaming Emma because when you create something and share it with the world, there is no limits to where it can go.


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  1. Great post Kayla! Curious - what is the name of your group on Facebook? I don't have a group there - but just a page - that I post diabetes bits and also my scribbles from - where I work as a mentor there. Keep up the good work - and I'll be waiting in line to get my Type 1 Barbie doll when it comes out - you're never too old to have dolls!!!