Sunday, May 13, 2012

Our Artificial Pancreases

All around the world there are mothers taking care of their diabetic children (fathers too, but let's save that for Father's Day).  These mothers are hardworking, carb counting, insulin distributing women, who on a daily basis understand the meaning of life and how fragile it can be.  As a diabetic, I cannot put myself in the shoes of a mother of a diabetic, but I can only imagine how difficult of a job it is.   First off, these mothers do not get paid, in fact countless amounts of money are poured into their diabetic children, but I am sure none of them would complain knowing that the products they buy, whether that be something as direct as insulin or something simple like a chocolate bar - that money that they spend keeps their babies smiling.

Mothers of diabetics don't sleep - okay, I am sure they get some rest, but the more statuses I read I have realized that the work of a mother of a diabetic is endless.  Having to be their child's artificial pancreas, knowing when to check their blood sugar or give them insulin if their child cannot.  Mother's also take all the blame, countless times I have heard children blame their parents for their diabetes, or children get mad at their mothers for denying them cookies or making them prick their fingers - give yourself a pat on the back until your child realizes that all that nagging was well worth it (trust me, eventually they will appreciate every single thing you did for them!)

These mothers are super heros like all mothers, working hard, keeping their children healthy and alive and most of all getting involved in finding a cure or at least support for the meantime.  Let's all give a big smile for those mothers out there who celebrated Mother's Day today, but really had no time off, still having to chase blood sugars and give full alert.   A big, big, big smile.

And for those mothers that are diabetic themselves, a big smile for you too!  I can only imagine how time consuming it all can be mixed together.  All diabetic mothers make young female diabetics smile, knowing that one day we all can celebrate Mother's Day for ourselves. You are all role models and inspirations.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers out there!


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