Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tough Question

The next topic up for grabs is to name something that I do really well regarding diabetes.  How sad is it that I can make up a entire list of things I feel like I do wrong and when it comes to thinking of things I do right, I am pondering around the apartment trying to come up with something worth writing.  It was mentioned in the challenge that it doesn't need to be big and I know I always praise the idea of celebrating the small successes within diabetes; however, when trying to think of something that I do really well always regarding diabetes - now that's a tough question.

It's easy to fall behind on blood sugar checks, it's not like having to take one pill a day, it's something that needs to be done throughout the day, and takes a few seconds, plus draws blood - not exactly a selling point.   So, I wouldn't say I am good at doing that all the time. As far as keeping my blood sugars in range - in the diabetes world we call those people, non-diabetics...

What it comes down to is something that I consider my lifesaver second to insulin and that is my blog, but for this challenge, I am going to call it my diabetic therapy. I am really good at attending my diabetic therapy. My blog has allowed me to open up and keep myself alert about what I am truly going through even beyond diabetes.  I have made it a commitment by logging on almost daily to update my blog.

So, I guess this isn't something that involves good management as far as 4+ finger pricks and good portion or carb control - rather something I find important in my life that I have managed to maintain for three years now.   To me, it is important in my overall health just like 30 minutes of exercise and 8 glasses of water.

I am curious to know what others do well when it comes to diabetes - of course we could list things like, I am really good at lassoing a door knob with my tubing or I am really good at putting a site in with my eyes closed... but beyond those good tricks we have all acquired I am curious to see who has outsmarted their diabetes or at least made it bearable for another few years!



  1. Bravo! You should be proud of that - "To me, it is important in my overall health just like 30 minutes of exercise and 8 glasses of water."

  2. I am glad that blogging has been a healthy tool for you! Writing is hard no matter who you are! It is quite an accomplishment to keep it up daily.