Sunday, May 27, 2012

Prom Time ...Well Not Mine.

Abby with her friends! 
Yesterday was my sister's prom, and of course that scares me. It's funny how all your life you run into people that say to you, "Aw I remember when you were just a baby, now look at you!"and then all of a sudden you start saying that to people you think of as forever young.  As Abby, my sister lined up with her friends to get photos then piled into a limo, I kept thinking, wow it's been fours years since I was off to prom - imagine that!

My prom was in 2008 the year before I was diagnosed with type 1.  So, prom was like any other thing, it didn't matter what I ate or when I ate, what I did or what I didn't do - I was just an average teenager going to prom.  However, the year I was diagnosed with type 1, 2009, I went to prom with a boy I was dating who was a year younger than me (and yes, there is a blog about this way back)  but, that prom was much different from my first prom. I remember being so annoyed that the dinner was unexpected, served one course at a time, I had no idea what I was going to do. However, that prom ended up being much more fun, I remember than my original - I danced a lot more.

Either way, to make me feel even older I was the photographer at my sister's prom and all of her friends and even people I used to BABYSIT were coming to get their picture taken - all dolled up.  It was a reminder that I am not that young anymore - well  I am young, but time flies I guess is a better way of putting it.


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