Saturday, May 19, 2012


With the Diabetes Blog Week challenge ending tomorrow, the second last topic is all about showcasing diabetes with pictures - something that I have been doing since I was diagnosed.   Being an amateur photographer and scrapbooker (although I haven't done it in awhile...) this challenge is exciting.  Throughout my blog, I always use a photo that I took - rather than finding ones on the internet.  I think showcasing diabetes with photography is excellent because it really gives the public an idea of what type 1 diabetes is all about.

I have also showcased my first year of diabetes through a scrapbook including photos of my hospital stay including the meal menus as well!  So let's begin this journey - of course I have a million photos to showcase diabetes, but I will pick some key ones that I think showcase type 1 diabetes the best for me.

This photo was taken when I was still in the hospital. Ironically enough I was looking at a scrapbook page my sister made me (not a scrapbooker at all!)   When I look at this picture I want to run up behind myself and give myself a hug because I know that although I didn't show it - I was unsure about where diabetes was going to take me and I was worried about what diabetes would do to me. Little did I know I would be posting this exact photo on a blog that has reached over 27 000 indviduals - little did I know....
This was in July 2010 and I think we can all guess what went on this day! I was finally hooked up to an insulin pump and I guess I shouldn't say finally because it really didn't take me too long to decide to take the plunge and hook myself up.  This picture says a lot, because I can tell by the look on my face that I am still a little unsure about the thing. In fact I remember the day the lady came to put the site on me.  She then left and all of a sudden I realized what I had done. I was no using an insulin pump and had to figure it all out - little did I know how much help was out there, but still! It was a crazy feeling.
And so diabetes gave me something rewarding to do.  I often tell people in speeches that, 'diabetes was the best thing to happen to me' and even when I explain why, people still think I am crazy, but some how believe that I have found that happiness within my diabetes.  I am happy where I am today and I credit diabetes for awakening me. I really am so happy for all the people I have met. Such a rewarding feeling.
This photo was taken this year and believe it or not this is a bunch of type 1's plus Banting! Without Banting we wouldn't be standing there - how amazing is that!  But, this photo represents what I have done with diabetes in the past year.  I love being around other type 1 diabetes and to be able to get together and have such a great support group -around me.


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