Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Absolutely Thankful

Photo I captured at the Toronto Zoo! 
It seems like summer takes forever to get here, but rushes by quickly as soon as it does arrive.  This summer unlike the past three summers I have decided to stay in London, hoping that this would be the summer of opportunities. I have turned my life into something unique and this summer I realized, what a great opportunity to see what I can truly do.

Thankfully, I have many people in the London community that are great to me.  Second families all over the place that make me feel at home. I have met great families and individuals that are always cheering me on and helping me out. The feeling of having support from people is great. I credit them for giving me the strength and big smile to carry on and strive for the best.

So, for the summer, I hope to report a lot of exciting news and shares amazing photos of what I have been striving for.  Diabetes has changed my life for the best, as crazy as it seems. I will check my blood sugar four + times a day and give myself a needle every three days as long as I can keep this life that I have been given - amazing, amazing, amazing opportunities that I am absolutely thankful for.


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