Thursday, May 24, 2012


Currently I am reading, Eckhart Tolle's book called, A New Awakening to Your Life's Purpose.  The reason I picked this book up in the first place was because I read Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project and after that, like I am sure many, many other people I was instantly on a happiness kick and if you're going to be on any kind of kick at all, I'd say that is a good one to be on.

So, like I mentioned in my happiness blog, there were a few things that I wanted to do to make myself feel extra happy - extra because I do consider myself a happy person the majority of the time, and those times I am not happy, I blame that on a little thing called diabetes.  So, I have been trying hard to keep up my goals and sadly the hardest one, as noted by Gretchen is to not gossip and not even just gossiping, but saying things about others.  I tried to stop my train of thought when I pass by someone on the street etc. and make a quick judgement - now try and not do that... I feel like I would make a quick judgment..."ah that HAT looks crazy!....well I guess it's not that bad...everyone has different style"  this internal argument in my head to try not to critique everyone.

Anyways, now that I have turned to Tolle's book I am learning a new way of being... I wouldn't call it a happiness book more so a book about ....well I am still figuring it all out.  You see, this book is not made for something to read while waiting in line at the bank or that summer book you can tote around in your beach bag, I find this book a "everyone be quiet, lock myself in my room, stop and ponder, take some notes...type of book"   However, I am finding hidden gems in his writing that really do make me think about happiness and how we go about life.  So thumbs up Tolle for confusing me, yet making me feel good.

So, I am about half way through the book and I have been typing in my iPhone a few concepts that made me think and of course instantly relate to diabetes.  So to dive into the first one it is all about the roles we play in society.  Now, I probably could write a whole paper on this, but I will save that for when I need some good marks, but in particular I am thinking about what makes people so dissatisfied with their endocrinologist? Of course, not everyone is dissatisfied with their endocrinologist, in fact mine right now is great - but saying that, I have switched endocrinologists.

What made me think of this was when Tolle talks about how we look at one another in the roles we are in....(trust me, he didn't say it as complicated as I just did...) Basically, when we go to our doctor's appointments, we see them as endocrinologists or nurses, we don't see them as Betty Jane who has two children, enjoys traveling and collecting coins.  We go in there knowing that they are going to tell us what to do with our blood sugars, what we can improve on, and then send us on our way.   So, we treat them like doctors, we don't think of them behind their job.  Just like when you were little and saw a teacher at the mall and totally freaked out.

So, the same works for the doctor, if they haven't taken the time to know you for who you are and not just their patient that comes in every three months saying that they forgot to do their blood work, and didn't log for the past three weeks.... then that is how you will be treated, just like a patient.   So, when I thought about this in relation to people with diabetes and their doctors, I began to it true that if a doctor or nurse takes the time to get to know you, asks you a few questions about your final exams, writes down a couple notes about your personal life, just for the sake of knowing you - does that make a good relationship between the two of you?

My nurses and endocrinologist knows all about me. I think we may even talk more about my personal endeavours; rather than my blood sugars.  Either way, I like them for that.  They treat me like Kayla Brown, not that diabetic that writes a blog.   When I met my new endocrinologist she asked me about my schooling, what I was taking, what I wanted to do etc. and instantly I liked her.   Now, of course this doesn't change the fact that you see them as the people that set you straight, and I don't think many endocrinologists will be willing to divulge into their personal lives with you - but maybe if they could take the hint to spend a few questions on you and by you I don't mean your blood sugars... just maybe that would be the key to enjoying those visits. I'm assuming there is a saying in the doctor's office like, a happy diabetic makes a happy endocrinologist because I can't imagine dealing with an angry diabetic is pleasurable...


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  1. another awesome post Kayla!! I love how your writing really makes me sit back and think....thank you for that! and thank you for the link to the DB petition!!