Monday, May 14, 2012

Bloggers Unite

I've decided to be apart of the blog week challenge and the first challenge was to introduce a blog that I enjoy.   Well, as much as I would love to read endless diabetes blogs, I don't have much time to skim through them all as well as keep up with mine, but there is one that from time to time I  indulge in which I find really interesting, mostly because it is from the point of view that I will never be able to experience which is a non-diabetic mother raising a diabetic child.  

This blog is called, " Mom of an Extra Sweet Insulin Challenged Girl " and if you're a mother of a diabetic, I highly suggest you wander over, not because she knows more than anyone else, but because I feel like you will instantly realize that you are not alone and the challenge of raising an insulin challenged child has its rewards as well as its hardships. I find that the author of this blog, Amy, is very honest with a twist of humour, yet sometimes speaks on a very serious, heart throbbing note - and I like that!

I have spoken to Amy a few times via Facebook and get to read lots of inspiring stories that come from her life as a mother of a diabetic girl - in fact the little girl that wants the diabetic barbie doll!   This family is on a role in the diabetic community - and they know the secret of it all - don't give up! and if you're looking for that very message every day to get you out of bed and checking your blood sugar head over to her blog because that is where you will find that push.

I think that mothers/fathers blogging is a wonderful thing - I am sure the children will eventually appreciate it all knowing that their parents went through it all with them - of course experiencing it in a different way than diabetics themselves, but boy, can you imagine all the hard work that these parents are doing - and even stopping to blog about it to provide support and a foundation for other parents going through the same thing!

Now, there are tons of great blogs out there, as much as I want to list them all, I know that everyone will shine somewhere out there!  So, since this is specifically about blogging, I'd love to just say that I am glad I am not the only crazy one out there who documents my life with diabetes!  If I am not going to have normal blood sugars, I'd at least like to have normal hobbies!


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  1. I am glad to read that you will be part of the #DBlogWeek! Looking forward to your posts! As a Type1 mother, I constantly worry that my son will "get" diabetes also. But reading parents' blogs reassure me that even though my little boy might become diabetic, If they can handle it -without- having type 1 themselves, I think I'd be okay.

    A constant reminder that humans are stronger than they think! Thanks for sharing this link!