Saturday, March 17, 2012

You, Me and ... My Pump?

If you are willing to date a diabetic girl, you better be willing to date her insulin pump.   Her insulin pump is pretty much her little companion, when she is ignoring you, chances are she is looking at her pump and figuring out how many carbs are in that slice of pizza you are sharing.  So, either you OR the pump are the third wheel in the relationship - you decide.

Without being completely inappropriate, the concept of having an insulin pump and dating is interesting. It's an awkward external pancreas, that some how manages to make sure you know it's there.   Of course, the diabetic knows what it is like to have a pump on them at all times, but when you start hanging out with someone more often, especially in an intimate relationship - they begin to get a little sample of what it might be like.

Vince has grown to love my insulin pump and after I wrote the blog post, "Sexy Pump" that has become the new name of my purple sidekick.   My insulin pump has become a clock, a flashlight and of course, a life saver all in one, and my second half realizes this, especially the whole clock part.   The awkwardness of the insulin pumps comes in many forms - of course,  but most of all the whole concept of sleeping with an insulin pump is annoying.   However, when you are sharing the bed, the whole idea of sleeping with a pump becomes even more annoying, because now your partner can roll onto your pump leaving for you and him/her with a nice indent of buttons and tubing lines.

So, really as much as the diabetic has to get used to wearing a pump, so does his/her partner.  Even though as diabetics, we are wearing it 24/7 and have picked up a few tricks along the way, we have to do our best to make our pump a little less awkward each time we hang out with our significant other.  Soon enough though, they pick up on the cues and learn to get used to, you, me pump.


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