Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Oversized Backpack to Cell Phone

My iPhone in comparison to my Pump
Multiple Daily Injections, also known as MDI or if someone says they use a pen or syringe - is usually the first thing people try out when diagnosed; however, I do know of cases of Type 1s being put on Metformin pills before taking insulin. Sometimes people continue to use MDI for the rest of their life, or for a long, long period of time while others look into other possibilities such as an insulin pump.  The choice is really yours.

Having an insulin pump is like having shortcuts which ultimately cuts a tremendous amount of time out of your day. Instead of having to pull out a pen, screw on a needle, count carbs, convert that to your insulin units, dial up and inject, all you have to do is take out your pump, count carbs, type it into your pump and press a button.  You are able to do this while sitting on the table without a single person knowing - saying that, I would take my MDI at dinner tables freely, and many would not even notice I had given myself a shot.

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The first Insulin Pump invented in 1963 By Dr. Arnold Kadish 
Teaching people about your insulin pump is important, and no I don't mean the random people that pass you by on the street, but the people that are around you.  Sometimes medical equipment can seem scary to those who know nothing about it and that is when you get questions like, "So there is a needle in you right now?" or "how long was the surgery for that?"    Giving them brief information is the best way to go about it, don't even try to explain basal and bolus unless they are actually listening and seem intrigued, because you don't need a refresher at this point, so what's the point if they aren't listening.

The first insulin pump was invented in 1963 and to say the least they have come along way.  The first pump was like a backpack and now it is so small it gets mistaken for a phone or pager; rather than, an oversized backpack.   The diabetes researchers have come along way in providing us with up to date information and technology that we can be thankful for, and while some decide to stay using MDI, there is nothing wrong with that.    After all, some of us own computers, some of us do not, those without computers aren't worse off than others (until they need to google something...)


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