Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wanted: Working Pancreas

 dead or alive 
(Just kidding, I have the dead one, give me one alive!) 

Searching for a working pancreas that is up to the job, previously had one that failed me at the young age of eighteen.   

Pancreas must be able to produce insulin at least for a good chunk of my life span. 

Looking for a pancreas that will nestle in its home and fight against any viruses that may come and try and attack it (unfortunately, that may have been what happened to the last guy...)   

Not looking to have to worry about the pancreas doing its job right - so, I'm looking for a well trained pancreas to do the job.

If you're the pancreas I am looking for, please contact me. 

Will trade with lazy, 21 year old pancreas that retired three years ago.


Anita Pancreas



  1. Hey Kayla....thank you for ur blog and ur facebook pages! i love how upbeat you are...and that u can see the humor in the middle of something thats not easy.....anywaaays i sent u an email but im sure u get TONS of those...buuuut id love to write u i just cant find ur address anywhere (: can u maybe message it to me or tell me where to find it....thanks! - stephanie brown

  2. Unfortunately, it's not a virus that attacks your pancreas and causes it to stop producing insulin. It's your own immune system!! For some unknown reason, your immune system believes that the beta cells on your pancreas are an enemy, and it destroys them. Both beta cell and pancreas transfusions have been tried, but eventually, your immune system destroys it again. To work, you'd have to take immune-suppressants, which is really a cure that's worse than the disease!

    I know you're just goofing around, but I wanted to explain this anyway. I've really been enjoying reading through your blog.