Sunday, March 11, 2012

JD Camp

On Saturday I got the privilege to go to the JD Camp and meet with some great families that are living with type 1 diabetes.   At first, I was in awe, as we walked into the dining hall and the children were sitting around the tables eating away. I saw meters on the table tops, pumps being pulled out and food scales. Of course, I've seen many diabetics dine before, but the difference was that these were children and assisting them,  was their parents, counting their carbs, measuring their food and making sure they were eating.

I just enjoyed observing, as strange as it sounds.  Being so used to seeing adults with pumps; rather than child, I was interested in how they managed their diabetes, realizing that it is pretty much the same, minus the parental guidance.  The camp is an excellent way to get children and parents involved as well as give the parents a little bit of a break - not so much from diabetes (since we are always talking about it..) but give them a break, knowing that their children were in fine hands, and not even a stones throw away.

Looking at our pumps!
I sat down with the parents as we talked about 'hot topics' regarding diabetes.   Susan and Ric,  parents of a now 23 year old diabetic, gave the parents and myself some insight that really proved that being diabetic is in know way an obstacle.  Other parents spoke about their experiences as well, I gave some of my insight as well, coming from being diagnosed much later in life, but showing similar difficulties and experiences. This shows that no matter how old you are diabetes is the same.

 Later on, I met a four year old diabetic, she was an adorable little girl, sporting a pink pump (and yes, I had to guess what colour her pump was as she hid it away in her case).    As I talked a bit with her, I couldn't stop thinking that everything I do with diabetes, she has to do as well. She has to get her finger pricked, she has to do site changes and she has to wear the pump 24/7 like me.     After, I asked her, "Do you like having a pump?"  and she replied with, "Yup! Do you?!"  

Soon, it was my turn to give my speech about living life with diabetes.   I just spoke to their parents and let them know when I was diagnosed and what I have done since being diagnosed almost three years ago.  Even though these parents have young children living with diabetes - hopefully they took away from my presentation that you can do anything you want with diabetes - there is no limits.


(I will post a link of my speech soon!)

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