Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hockey Knight in London

Alexa & I

It was hockey night in London, Ontario and the Scotia Bank box was full of 50 type 1's and their families - Thanks to the JDRF.  We all packed into the box and the seats in front to get a good view of the game, but it wasn't just about supporting the London Knights (Max Domi and Jared Knight)  it was about bonding with other type 1's and especially bonding between the parents.

I was probably the oldest diabetic there among the crowd, as many of the diabetics were between the ages of five and fifteen.  It was so interesting to be surrounded by 'young' diabetics because I normally spend my time with young adults that live with diabetes, not children or teens.    But, I learned a lot last night, more than I realized I would.
I spent a lot of time talking to Alexa, she is a 12 year old type 1, who was diagnosed a year ago.   Her mom, instantly connected with me, after realizing I was the 'girl from the Londoner'  which made me feel great!   I knew that the newspaper article had at least touched one life or two.    Alexa, was incredibly sweet and energetic.  She really made me think of diabetes on a different level as she talked about recess, people taking her snacks and gymnastic and diabetes.      I realized that although diabetes is a similar disease for most, at different ages, diabetes provides it's own individual, modified challenges.

As the night went on and I met a bunch of different diabetics, all sizes!  I felt really good among them, knowing that a disease can bring this many people together.  The diabetic community is such a strong one, and because we have all walks of life involved, it also makes the community very interesting and a bank of great information, connections and stories.

After the hockey game was finished we impatiently waited for the two diabetic players to arrive, Max Domi (Ty Domi's son) and Jared Knight. Both came up with the wonderful hockey smell, ready to answer any of the questions the young diabetics had to ask.  Things like, "Where do you keep your pump?"  "Has anyone ever hit your pump?"  and "Did you have any highs or lows during the game?"   Max and Jared answered all the questions, then everyone formed a line to get odds and ends signed as well as a picture with the two up and coming hockey stars.

I decided to get a hockey stick signed by the two players and get a picture with them.  It was a great experience all around and I am so glad that I have been given such amazing experiences in the diabetes community.

Jared, Me and Max Domi


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