Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Injector or Pumper

Insulin Pump connected to lower back
If diabetics aren't comparing the differences between type 1 and type 2, then we are comparing how we treat our diabetes - multiple daily injections (MDI) or insulin pumps. We all find different ways to treat ourselves, and the truth is taking care of our diabetes isn't a one size fits all process. The injections work for some while the pump is seen as the next best thing since Banting and Charles Best.

We often think of the pump as being the new technology and who doesn't want the newest, greatest gadget on the market. But, like the iPhone and the Blackberry - there is always something new lurking around the corner that claims to have made it just right! If you decide on getting a pump now, only a few months down the road, a new one will be released - and no, you cannot just upgrade as easily as a cellphone or software update.

Personally, I use the insulin pump, but upon being diagnosed and hearing about it, I did not want it.  I didn't want anything to do with the pump. I remember my Uncle telling me all about it and thinking to myself there is no way I am wearing that thing 24/7.  Eventually, I caved in on a ride back to my residence in 2010.  I realized that the pump could potentially offer me something that the pens cannot. Of course, I didn't know what I could be missing, but I took a chance and decided to get on board with the pump.

However, there is no shame on being an injector or a pumper. Sometimes I envy the lack of tubing injectors have. Also their lack of all the other shenanigans that go with having a pump. Injections are original and simple and a lot of diabetics use this method in order to control their diabetes!

So whether you are an injector, a pumper or even a Metformin pill-popper - as long as you're doing your best to maintain your diabetes. I don't think we should discriminate - just appreciate!


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  1. I do MDIs. Thing is, it's a lot more affordable. And my a1c at last check was 5.7, so I think it's OK to not make the switch at this time.