Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Lessons

Sometimes I forget that once upon a time I didn't have diabetes.  Living with diabetes for three years, seems short when you think about it, but in reality it feels like forever.  As soon as you become diabetic, you have to learn so much and at first you feel overwhelmed and wonder how you will ever figure it out once you leave the hospital.  With new supplies that you have never seen before as well as medication it is like jumping into unknown waters at first.

You learn the basics pretty quickly, like how to check your blood sugar and give yourself insulin and you truly go through the whole process again when you get an insulin pump. But, every now and then there is something you haven't come across before, and that is when you turn to your other diabetic pals for some advice..and a check of reassurance - "ah, is this normal?"

Today I was sitting in my english lecture and felt something wet on my elbow which was sort of up against my stomach.  I looked at my elbow, then looked at my stomach area, and realized a small wet spot had formed on my dress exactly where my site was sitting.  I rubbed it a bit with my finger and it smelt like insulin!  I had just given myself two units due to high blood sugar, and it apparently decided it best be on my dress instead.

I didn't panic or anything, knowing I had two other diabetic friends in class with me, I patiently waited until class was over to ask them the good old question, "is this normal?" and they replied with, "YES! that happens to me!"    Making me feel even better about the situation, knowing that I just needed to change my site and possibly tubing to ensure that insulin was being delivered.

As far as the little tiny stain on my blue dress, nothing a little Spray 'n Wash can't get out!


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