Monday, March 19, 2012

Phantom Blood Sugars

Diabetics are usually on the ball with knowing when they are high and low.  We all have individual experiences with both and when we feel one coming on either high or low, we usually can detect it right away.  Of course there are also a few times when you have to be reminded, "Hey Kayla, you are acting a little strange, check your blood sugar."

However, sometimes when you do feel a low or high coming on, and you check - you are COMPLETELY WRONG.  The worst is when you are laying in bed (and this seems to be the prime time for phantom lows)  you are lying there and feel hungry, sort of... well you feel a bit cloudy, you are tossing and turning and your head is going crazy and you finally build up the strength to crawl out of bed to check your blood sugar.   7.8 [140.4 mg/dl].... what?

You had built up the strength to pull yourself out of bed only to be perfectly fine!  You pout, and drink a juice box in sorrow anyways, knowing that you felt weird, so your meter must be broken!  Then it is back to bed, hoping that one of these phantom episodes don't show up again in the middle of the night.


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  1. To me, that's a high blood sugar, not normal. I'd be thirsty and tossing and turning from 140, and I'd get up and give myself one unit of insulin.