Sunday, March 25, 2012


Holding my letter from the UK

No matter where we are in the world, we are all very similar. We all check our blood sugar, some more often than others, we all administer insulin one way or another and we all deal with diabetes every second of every day.  The differences in our lives is that we all hold different jobs, some of us are firemen, others dieticians, some of us work in retail while others are still students. We all have different amounts of education, some of us still in elementary school, others finishing high school while some of us have diplomas or degrees.   We look all different, blue, brown, green, hazel eyes, brown, black, blue, red hair... so what have we proven?  That diabetes doesn't discriminate.

We are all spread out throughout the world, and this has been more visual than ever with social networking.  It's incredibly interesting reading how people manage diabetes in different countries and that is why I started the pen pal system and why in the first place I looked for a pen pal from a different country other than my own.

I received my first letter from my pen pal from the United Kingdom.  It was nice to receive mail that wasn't a bill or a bank statement for once.  The letter was written on brown paper and came in a brown envelope (which I found neat!)    My pen pal wrote about herself and included the bit about diabetes near the end.  I was so interested as I read about what she has accomplished and what her goals are for her future.

She included some cute stickers and asked a few questions so I can send a letter back to the UK.   I look forward to continuing the letters and really hope that many others get to experience sending letters to a type 1 diabetics. There is just something about connecting with others that are just like you, yet different at the same time.


If you would like to find a type 1 pen pal please visit Facebook at: T1 Diabetic Pen Pals

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