Friday, June 4, 2010

A to B

I think that I have written about it before because it has definitely crossed my mind a time or two. The concept of slowing down and realizing what is going on around you. It is beyond my understanding sometimes how I get from point a to b without realizing. How can I wake up for work at 7:15 and then all of aa sudden I am grabbing my purse and heading back home at 5:3o p.m.

I can't be the only one who is whizzing by life and not stopping to look around can I? I know I am a huge advocate for taking in life's little seconds and 'living life to the fullest,' but is it not true that every now and then we lose track of where we are heading. Last night I was lying in bed and couldn't believe that a month ago I was lying in my bed in residence - for 8 months I had a completely different room, yet that feels like that went by in a flash.

I wish that we could pause those perfect life moments, but I know there isn't anything to make that wish be granted. I can only hope that I remember more often to stop and look around. I know that getting up isn't always easy and heading to work can be a drag, but without these things we would be bored and we just wouldn't have any stories to tell.

This whole diabetes business has been a big flash as well. Since when does Kayla Brown have diabetes. It's funny, but at times I laugh at the whole concept. For 18 years I was Kayla Brown and diabetes-less. How can one story line turn into a completely different one in a matter of seconds (it feels like).

I am sure we all have these little moments and if we take more moments to ourselves we may just begin to understand how we got from point a to b.

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