Tuesday, June 8, 2010

From High to Low

After having a week of extreme highs I am finally back to normal. I switched the insulin in my pen and so far that has been the cure to my highs. In fact since then I have had two lows this week at the same point in the day. Now I need to adjust everything once again including my Lantus.

It will be very interesting when I am going on the pump to track my sugars so regularly. Right now I check my sugars about 5-8 times a day and once I go on the pump they want me to track my sugars at least every two hours; therefore, at least 12 times a day.

In about two-three weeks I will be wearing my purple Medtronic pump. I am really looking forward to that time, but right now I am doing well with my insulin pens now that I finally figured out the issue!

Also, I now have my own profile on Connected in Motion's page - check it out!


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