Thursday, June 3, 2010

Class One

I am beginning the first steps to getting a pump and I can't be more excited. Today at 9 a.m I had my first pump class at the Brantford General Hospital. There were three other girls in my class who are all interested in getting the pump for the very same reasons that I am. For some reason there is a very comforting feeling when you are with other diabetics - the whole finger poking, snacks in the purse and talking about diabetes is so normal in situations like that.

We talked a lot about how the pump works and how to manage specific things when using the pump like sick days and high blood sugars. It amazes me how much the pump can do, but when you think about how incredible technology is it all makes sense how a pump can be so smart.

In the class I am the only one who has chosen a specific pump - Medtronic. So there shouldn't be a delay at the end of my therapy because I have done all my research for that aspect of it all. I am excited to start!

I am already thinking how much my life is going to change once I am on the pump. Like mentioned in the class there are going to be things I never thought of or planned for with the pump, but I am 100% prepared to endure that.

My next class is next Thursday and then after that I have a one-on-one and that is when I can order my pump!


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