Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sign Off

Finally I got to sign off all my stuff in order to receive an insulin pump. The next steps are to send it to my doctor in order to get approved to receive the insulin pump. I absolutely cannot wait till it is shipped to my house - even if it takes me awhile to get it running I just want it here!

I really like going to D.E.C because it gives me a chance to share what I have been doing with my diabetes with the nurses. The nurses there are really great and are incredibly understanding.

I hadn't gotten my A1C done in awhile and went today after my appointment to get it since in order to be approved for the pump they need two recent A1C results which is like a snapshot of how your blood sugars have been over the past 3 months. They also do a meter check there to make sure that your meter is giving you correct results.

Not to jinx myself, but I have had amazing blood sugars the past week and I have been in a great mood about everything. It was a nice compliment when my friend Erin said that she loves that I am always happy and although I do have bad days I tend to wear a smile as much as I can. I am just excited right now and know that everything I do I give 100% whether it is at my work or with my friends.

It's important to me to give it your all each day and even if something seems like a hassle or doesn't go exactly how you wanted - you just have to work with it. This weekend is my cousins baby shower which I planned with my Aunt. I am really looking forward to it! June has been one of my busiest months this year and I really don't mind at all!


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