Monday, June 7, 2010

No Limits

This Thursday I have my final class before I get to order a pump on the following Thursday. I am looking forward to finishing up the classes so that I can begin my journey on the pump. It's nice that I am lucky enough to be around people living with pumps. At any time I can contact someone that is pumping for help or advice.

I am inspired by those who wear the insulin pump because I can only imagine all the hard work they have put into running it. I know that they are all healthy and active which makes it even more inspiring to know that the pump gives you no limitations.

I think a lot of people think diabetes can be limiting. A lot of people think that I cannot eat candy, drink alcohol or do too much physical activity, but all of this is untrue. There is nothing limiting about diabetes if anything it gives you that much more strength and courage to do more and be more.


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