Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mud from Head to Toe!

We had mud in our ears, hair and we are still discovering mud! Ten of us put on our neon t-shirts and ran the 5k mud run in Toronto. It was a lot of fun, but freezing cold. Thankfully it wasn't exactly raining when we ran, but it was definitely a day full of goosebumps.

This year the track was a little different and way more muddy than ever before. We were sliding and gliding through fields and we even went through two stream crossings that were up to our hips. Surprisingly the water was not as cold as we predicted!

I entered the race with a blood sugar of 15 and finished it with a 6. I didn't have one headache all day which was strange because lately I have had a headache every day. I hope that I feel just as good on the triathlon this Sunday.

This was my second year doing the mud run and last year the mud run was my first Connected in Motion event. I am so, so, so happy that I have met so many amazing type 1's in the past year and a bit. I am so excited to have met so many interesting and amazing people. It's crazy to think if I had never been diagnosed I wouldn't know all these great people that I know today.

Today I also signed Clinton and I up for the Great Urban Race - our team name is The Dangerous Duo. This event is in July and I think when I signed us up today Clinton thought I was crazy. Poor guy does all these events with me - that's why I love him! haha

I look forward to my next events, but cannot wait until Mud Run 2011!


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