Friday, June 11, 2010

Dive In!

I now have completed the pump therapy classes at the BGH. Next is a one on one session on Thursday and at this session we will order my insulin pump! I cannot believe how fast time is going it seems like I was just diagnosed and now all of a sudden I am a year and a bit in and ordering my first insulin pump.

I am assuming that a lot of people are wondering why I would ever want something attached to me 24 hours of the day. I think that the whole idea of the pump is really a mind boggle because honestly when I was told about it when I was first diagnosed I was far from interested. Nothing about it appealed to me then and I never even considered it.

It was weird - all of a sudden when we were driving to London one night I decided I wanted it. I think I just shouted it - "Mom I want to get the pump." I know that it was a big spur of the moment type of thing, but a lot of what I do I just dive into. It's like jumping in a pool vs. wading your way in down the steps - sometimes you just have to dive in.

I got to put in two sites already and it was a great experience. The needle is bigger than my pen needles and thicker, but it is almost painless. When I put it in the two times, I barely could feel it. I do need to work on my motion though, one quick swoop.

The insulin pump will be like a healthy pancreas for me. It will deliver insulin rapidly throughout the day. The ratios and rates will all be set at the hospital for me and the only way they can get it so it best mimics a pancreas is to monitor me. This is where the checking my sugar every two hours throughout the day and night comes into play.

The insulin pump is not put in by anyone else, but myself. I put the tubing in with a needle and the needle goes in at a 30 degree angle. The needle does not stay in my skin, once the needle is put in and pulled out a small tube stays in. The tubing is all connected to the pump which is like the size of a pager. I can wear the pump in my bra, on my pants - anywhere that I can clip or tuck it into.

Once I actually get the pump I will be able to explain everything a little better and I will personally understand it even more. I cannot wait!


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