Monday, June 28, 2010

Congrats Team KK!

The walk to cure diabetes was a complete success! I was so proud of all members of Team KK for doing such an outstanding job. Together we raised $2949! I couldn't believe it! Personally I collected $1229!

It was a great day and the sun was shining and most of all I was surrounded by people who truly cared about finding a cure and knew exactly what it is like to either live with diabetes or live with someone that has diabetes.

Seeing the young children with diabetes breaks my heart because I know that they don't deserve the chore of having diabetes. I cannot imagine what it is like on Halloween, birthdays and Christmas let alone recess every single day.

I know that type 1 diabetes is very unspoken of and that many people have no idea what it is all about, but type 1 diabetes is out there and it effects 300 000 people and a lot of those people are children.

I know that one day there will be a cure and I will not ever doubt that.


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