Friday, July 10, 2009

Take a Stab

I believe that no matter how long you've been a diabetic there has got to be days when you just can't prick your finger right. Every now and then I find myself getting frustrated over the fact that no matter where I prick my fingers I just won't bleed or there just isn't enough blood to test. I can only imagine the sadness and frustration that a mother would feel trying to test their young child's blood.

When I visited Canada's Wonderland, we sat with people that are apart of the JDRF. At first I said to Sam,
"Looks like no one here is diabetic, no one is pricking their fingers, checking the blood or giving insulin." Until I saw a mother pull out the kit from the stroller and prepare to check her three year old daughter's blood sugar. I had never seen it before, a child being tested. I am very familiar with the process but just didn't realize how difficult it is for mothers.

The young girl quickly looked and took off. She ran onto the grass, hid behind a tree and sat down when her mother tried to bring her back to the picnic table. I felt my heart sink, I then realize that this disease is extremely hard, not only for those who have it but for the people who surround it. Soon enough she got her daughter to take a seat but she was squirmy and you could tell she was angry.

I give credit to all the mothers and fathers who are patient, loving and there for their children with diabetes. It takes a great amount of effort and support in order to keep your child healthy, safe and happy.

Checking your sugar can be the biggest pain there is, but it's key to staying on top of things and monitoring yourself. Every poke is a reminder that this is something that needs to be cured. Hundreds of red dots fill the tips of my fingers among calluses but I'm okay with that.


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