Thursday, July 30, 2009

Let's Get Inspired !

Today was an amazing day simply because I really started thinking of the things I can do. I mean it's completely limitless when you think about it. First off, I created a team for the Walk to a Cure in June. The Team name is "Team KK." For those who may not know me as well, the term "KK" comes from my dad, who has called me KK for a very very long time, now quite a few people call me KK. Not to mention my licence plate is GO KK GO.

I registered a team, with a goal of raising $1000, I'd love to exceed that as well, but just to raise $1000 would be fantastic. Right now I am still organizing the whole thing but will for sure let everyone know how they can donate and/or participate in the walk in Brantford. Like I said in the last note, if you're interested just let me know, it gives me a better idea of what to expect. But let me tell you, I'm thinking big!

Other than that, I got in touch with Chloe who was a speaker at the Hamilton JDRF. She really is an inspiration, and we are planning on meeting up sometime. I am very excited about this! Anything to learn more, and experience more! Another thing is that I am hoping to some how raise money through North Park. I know that I graduated in 2008, but I still know some familiar faces there as well as the teachers. Besides that, I really think it's important to inform people about diabetes because it's being found in more and more young adults. I figure raising a little is better than raising nothing to find a cure. I talked to Sean McConkey who is on the student council, so I hope that I can convince them to possibly encourage people to raise some money for the JDRF.

Everything is going amazing, as far as getting involved. I am involved with Juvenation, which is almost like a Facebook for Diabetics. So I get great emails from people who are going through things just like me! I also get emails now from a girl I met through the Reaching Out program. Lot's and lot's of stuff going on. Keeps me busy and happy!

As far as my personal health regarding my Diabetes, I had my lowest sugar I have ever had since being diagnosed, 5.8! That is within target range, and I was so pleased! I am excited because before we know it, I'll be back to normal. Another thing I wanted to share was that there was a topic on Juvenation and it said, "One Word," Basically sum up your Diabetes in one word. I thought about it, most people wrote, "depression, pain, routine, constant." Then it clicked, and I wrote: " Change, Diabetes will cause your life to change, for the better or for the worst. I choose for the better. "

I know a lot of people are commenting how strong of a person I am, and that they couldn't be this strong. But let me say that yes you all can be as strong and open minded to this change as I am. Because when it comes down to it, it's my life. I don't feel like a hero, like I am the strongest because I am dealing with this, I feel like me. Except one thing has changed, my heart is grown 1000x bigger, and mind has opened 1000x wider. I love who I am more than ever now.


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