Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Places & Faces

It's getting closer and closer to September. It seems not long ago I was walking through the halls of my high school and soon I will be walking the halls of college. Without a worry in the world before I now carry many. These worries trail along with me every single day and will surely following me to get an education.

As September gets closer I have thought about what I am going to say, how I am going to go about introducing myself and my little shadow I call diabetes. I have had some practice, I've met people along the way, and now that I've joined a group on Facebook of Fanshawe students I have got the chance to talk to them about it. It doesn't seem to phase many, if anything they seem interested. "So you're not a kid and your definitely not fat, so how did you get diabetes?" a student asked me. It's this type of curiosity and questions that are going to give me a chance to educate people on diabetes. Of course I don't want to preach to them, act like I know it all or bore them with the details but if they ask, I know that I will answer.

I am sure over time people I am living with and that become a part of my life will know just how much I put my heart into diabetes. They will learn that I not only fight the disease ever day but I also embrace it. If only there was a book to tell them what I go through, oh right, I am making it right now.

The best part of this whole experience will be the fact that I can prove to myself I can do anything. A new lifestyle, new place, new friends, and a new journey will be possible and will only help me grow and improve the person I am today.


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