Friday, July 31, 2009

Don't Count Yourself Out

As I watched television, a young girl told her story about her mother being diagnosed with breast cancer and with only a short few weeks of battling she passed away, unable to attend her daughter's wedding that was less than a couple months away. It made me stop and think, how precious each day can be and how unexpected our lives are.

Who is to say we can't be gone tomorrow? Who knows which day is the last? We don't know.

Don't count yourself out. How many people think that they're not going to be ill? We go about life thinking that it will never happen to us but trust me it's not impossible. I never thought as a young girl or a teenager that I would be later faced with a disease that is so life changing. I counted myself out, thinking I was invincible, all those diseases, illness and tragedies happened to other people not me.

Clinton & I looked back at old videos. In 1999, I was counting my Easter eggs while eating my Easter bunny and asking if there was any more chocolate. In 2000 I was stuffing my face at Christmas, extra mash potatoes and a couple buns. I found myself laughing, yelling at the screen, "eat it all because in 10 more years you will get diabetes!"

We don't know when these things can strike. No one knows the date and time of when their life may change and hopefully there are people that won't have to go through a life change such as this. But it is so important to not count yourself out. It can leave you in shock and confusion when it happens to you but you must know that no matter what disease, illness or tragedy is thrown at you, it's not a dead end.

I give my heart out to those who face obstacles each day. Those who are well aware of how fragile life can be and how precious each moment is. For we never know when our last day is, our last smile, laugh or breath, so let's start now, don't count yourself out.


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  1. Hey Kayla! I came across your group on FB and am now going to subscribe to your blog. I think what you're doing here is wonderful. I was diagnosed 2 years ago at age 21. I feel your pain! Thanks for doing what you do and if you ever need someone to vent to about daily frustrations of the Beetus! (lol) please email me