Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mind Over Matter

I've learned what I like to call mind over matter. Mind over matter is when your willpower can over come physical obstacles. For me I face physical obstacles each and every day, I must put aside the feeling of pain and stubbornness and push myself to just do it. When I have those needles that won't settle in nice and the finger pokes that won't draw enough blood, I think to myself mind over matter.

I've come to realize that nothing is impossible. I can't be scared and I can't give up because that is what will keep me from growing and learning. I realize that sometimes it's hard to push yourself beyond your limits but sometimes you have to search beyond the pain and fear and reach the other side.

I give myself these stomach aches. Just before I go somewhere, sometimes I feel this strange pain in my abdomen, like I need to just lay down. I know that this pain is something that I bring on myself, I know that it's just me being paranoid and scared. I fear not having enough strips, forgetting my insulin, losing a needle. My mind over matter skills have become stronger and I know that if I take two Tums that I will be fine and I go about my day.

The lesson that I've learned is that I need to give myself that extra push. I can't fear forgetting, losing or getting hurt because these things are going to happen once in awhile. I need to take these risks that life brings me because I don't want to regret missing an experience of a lifetime.

Diabetes may be a physical obstacle but you can manage diabetes without managing your emotions, mind and spirit. You must allow yourself to push through these obstacles and know that as long as you're thinking positive you're going to get to the other side.


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