Thursday, July 9, 2009

Life's One Big Ride

The smell of funnel cakes fills the air, children are screaming as roller coasters climb to the top of the hill, can you guess where I went?

Yesterday, I was given the chance to go to Canada's Wonderland with free tickets from the JDRF. I brought along one of my best friends, Sam. We also received free lunch tickets too.

I knew that everywhere I go there is going to be another obstacle to cross. I am going to be in situations where I have to think fast or problem solve. In this case, it started at the front gates. Theme parks don't want you to bring in food or drinks, because they want you to buy their $5 bags of chips and $10 bottles of pop. I had just brought along some snacks for just in case, but I noticed that the girls in front of me got their snacks and drinks taken away from them. I immediately said to Sam, "Oh no! I need my snacks!" Luckily there is a pass for people with special dietary needs, but for us the guard never even said anything about them.

The park was really busy, and we had a great time there. Lunch wasn't being served till 3:30, so we snacked a bit before then, keeping in mind what my sugar was like and how I was feeling overall. I did have a slight headache all day but I think that could have been from two things, one being the rides and second that fact that our meals were so spaced out.

At Lunch we got to sit with the JDRF. The lunch was a hot dog, chips and fountain pop so it was pretty easy to guess the carbs, not to mention Sam and I purchased a large fry to eat with our meal. Overall my sugars were great during our visit to Canada's Wonderland and I learned a lot about managing my diabetes in a theme park !

Yes there were tons of candy, desserts, slushies and snacks but I knew that I was strong enough to resist these things. I also have to give Sam credit for being such a great friend since she was very co-operative with going back to the locker to check my sugar and also making sure that I was feeling okay. I think it's because she has experienced me in a low before and knew she didn't want to be in that situation again.

One of the things that i've learned over the past three months is that there isn't a limit for people living with diabetes. Everything is possible, there will be fear, anger, confusion and bad days but in the end you have to live your life exactly the way you want it to be.


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