Thursday, July 16, 2009

Swim, Snack, Swim

Summer time just isn't exactly the same as it was only a year ago. Instead I find myself being a little more aware of my health and what activities are going to effect me as far as my blood sugar goes. So far I've learned that swimming is a good way to lower my blood sugar. Not necessarily doing laps but just hanging around in the pool.

In a way this is great! I am able to hang out with my friends swim around in the pool and then eat a snack with the girls instead of worrying about taking insulin. I've begun to realize even more that diabetes isn't in any way a wall. It doesn't stand in my way when I'm trying to be a regular teenager, it won't stand in my way when I'm trying to be a normal adult, mother or wife, it's simply just a unique thing that will follow me until we find a cure.

Today, I hung out with my two best friends, Michelle and Sam. Like everyday I find obstacles, today happened to be lunch. I didn't realize that time flew so fast and we ended up eating at 1:30, luckily my blood sugar was co-operating and was at a 5.3 just before lunch. I've find myself doing this a lot, forgetting to eat lunch. Overall with the great support of friends and family I am able to keep my blood sugars under control and in check, if I forget I need a snack I can depend on Sam asking me every fifteen minutes.

The important thing for all diabetics to know, from what I've learned is that the summer can still be a great and an enjoyable time. You can swim, eat, dance, party, laugh, live and still feel like you've got everything under control.


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